The VVT X-Model Guitar Pre-Amp is a unique and versatile tone machine with lots of uses for the demanding musician. Plug it into the Effects Loop Return of any guitar amp – Tube or Solid State – for instant D-Style tone. Or, plug it into a Direct Box and Speaker Cabinet Simulator and then to a PA or Recording mixer for great clean or overdrive tones. See our video demos for ideas on how to use this little box of tricks.

The VVT X-Model Guitar Pre-Amp has a Clean channel, Overdrive channel, and a boost switch that can be used on either channel. Channel switching and boost can be controlled from the front panel or the included footswitch. Both channels have a master volume control. There is a direct and a buffered output, each with their own send controls.




The VVT X-Model Guitar Pre-Amp is a 100% tube guitar preamp with the correct voltages for proper tube operation. Based on our best selling X-Model Guitar Amplifier, the Pre-Amp weighs in at only 9 lbs, it is ideal for the touring professional looking for a small, lightweight tool that can be used on the road.

Video – X-Model Preamp into Tube Power Amp

Video – X-Model Preamp into Solid State Amp

Video – X-Model Preamp into PA System

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