After a several years deep in overdrive amp territory, we wanted to get back to the great tone of simple uncluttered amps.  We started that process with the Nighthawk amps.  Then we became inspired by low powered; 50s style tweed circuits, and decided to start looking at the possibility of pursuing that tone.  We opted for a classic 5Y3 rectifier, but decided we preferred the sound of the 12AX7 preamp tube over other preamp tubes like the 6AT6. A pair 6V6GT-STR output tubes completed the classic sound we were looking for and provided plenty of gain with little to no noise.

The result is a single channel, 15 watt amplifier with a built in tremolo, with speed and depth controls on the front panel. The front panel also contains a volume control, a single tone control, and a bright switch. We fell in love with the Celestion Ten-30 ceramic speaker, but we know some players will prefer the Alnico sound, so if you do you have the option of selecting an Eminence 1058k for an additional $50.  Our speaker jacks provide both 4 ohm and 8 ohm options.

We really wanted this amp to look as different as it felt sonically so we went with a unique vinyl cover with brown leather texture with a beige grill cloth. Other color options are available on request.

The VVT Night Owl is the perfect urban club amp.

-Michael Ross, Guitar Player Magazine

The Night Owl weighs in at approximately 25lbs.
Measurements: 20l x 9.5w x 17.5h

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