• 40 Watts
  • 15in Eminence Speaker included with Combo
  • 15in Eminence Ext. Cab available option for Head
  • 5U4 Rectifier
  • 2 x 6L6 Output tubes
  • Bright switch
  • Jump switch

    (groups channels together, doubles the input gain)

  • Bump switch (minor mid-frequency lift)
  • Master Volume (can be ON or OFF)

See the Nighthawk 40 video library here!

The new VVT Nighthawk is named after a nocturnal bird which is, of course, mostly active late in the evening and early in the morning. We thought this would be a good reflection of the players who will truly appreciate what this amplifier has to offer as it’s reminiscent of the Fender 5F6a Tweed Bassman, and goes back to the basics, but with a few twists.

First the smaller cabinet containing a 15” speaker makes the amp a grab and go combo. The beam diffuser built into the baffle board spreads the high frequencies nice & evenly. The Nighthawk has a single input jack, and a simple flick of the Jump switch will gang the channels together! As you increase the single volume control both channels increase evenly. The Bump switch simply adds a bypass cap to the second gain stage for thicker tone. The bright switch is available if you need it.

The Nighthawk has the addition of a Master Volume control that can be completely switched out of the circuit, or switched on if you want more preamp distortion at lower volume. And finally, paper layered, made in the USA transformers have those vintage interleaved windings, giving you that vintage tone.

Oh yeah! One more twist: we used a 5U4 rectifier in the Nighthawk instead of a 5AR4/GZ34 just because we like the tone and feel of the 5U4 with the 6L6s best.

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EL34 or 6LS Combo

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