‘I Love my new VVT-JP amp. It’s very open sounding, responsive, with lot’s of overtones. It has dynamics, and it compresses a little bit when I push it hard. The equalization is wonderful, great sounding reverb. Also, a great cabinet design, the sound is consistent whether I’m in front or to the side of it…nothing needs to change.’ – Jack Pearson

You can see a video of Jack playing his new amp by clicking here.

You can also get guitar lessons from Jack by clicking here.

The genesis of this amp is the result of Jack playing a Lindy Fralin Model at the 2013 Nashville Amp Expo.

Jack was impressed with the tonal qualities of the amp and asked us to build him an amp that had the same characteristics but with a couple of changes to suit his particular needs. The first was a middle (Mid) frequency control and the other was a frequency boost switch in the 500Hz range. The Mid control was no problem. After all, the Fralin amp has a standard two band tone stack.

The second request was a little more difficult because components of passive tone stacks are interactive; if you change one component value it affects how others respond. And, it can affect the impedance of the stack which will cause a perceived volume increase or decrease (Boost or Cut). After some experimentation we found a solution that works nicely. The spectrum analyzer shows nice 500Hz lift with only a minor increase in the volume level.

The Jack Pearson Signature Model has all of the features of the VVT Lindy Fralin Model amp plus the following upgrades:
Three Band Tone Stack
500hz Mid Boost Switch
Larger Multi-tap Output Transformer.

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